Der Untermensch

Dedicated to the memory of the Second World War's homosexual victims.

Staged against minimalist backdrops and accompanied by Christian Thomas’ hypnotic original score, this highly cinematic contemporary dance film abstractly depicts the persecution of homosexuals at the hands of the Third Reich.

Director: Kays Mejri
Choreographer & Cast: Simon Vermeulen
Writers: Kays Mejri & Simon Vermeulen
Original Score Composer: Christian Thomas
Executive Producer: Simon Vermeulen
Associate Producers: Kays Mejri, Simon Lamarre-Ledoux, Jacques Vermeulen and Paul Yellen
Production Manager: Claudia Rodarie
Cinematographer: Simon Lamarre-Ledoux
Art Director: Jessica Surendorff
Editors: Benoît Rocheleau & Hamza Mahjoub

Original score available on iTunes.